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Give yourself to reading. You need to read. Renounce as much as you will all light literature, but study as much as possible sound theological works.
— Charles H. Spurgeon
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Here you will find out in brief compass what Andrew Fuller actually believed about God's sovereignty, human sinfulness, the extent of Christ's atonement, and the free offer of the gospel. —Shawn D. Wright

Acclaimed as “the greatest theologian of the late 18thcentury transatlantic Baptist community,” he left an indelible mark upon his generation as one most eminently gifted by God, to enter theological controversy with an aptness, prudence, and pastoral skill which left the church on all sides seeing the Gospel with greater clarity. —Kurt M. Smith

Few writing pastors in church history have better expressed the depths of their sin and the height of God's grace quite like Andrew Fuller, a towering figure on the landscape of our Baptist heritage. —Jeff Robinson

102 Pages

Our Price: 11:50

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“This is a sweet devotional book on a richly experiential psalm.” —Joel Beeke

“In this very practical study of Psalm 119, Brian Borgman shows us the treasure we hav sin god’s Word and leaves us thanking God for it.” —Conrad Mbewe

“As I read through this work, I had the sense the tI was being counsels form the Word by an expert scribe (Matt. 13:52) who is also a fellow pilgrim in need of grace.” —Paul Washer

200 Pages

Our Price: 12.00

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“This Baptist stalwart should be esteemed for being a staunch defender of the biblical truths of sovereign grace. For this and much more, we should read this work, refresh our memories, and rekindle our heats for these fundamental doctrines.” —Steve Lawson

“Smith’s discussion of Manly and slavery is one of the es I have seen for its contextual sensitivity as well as its ethical standing.” —Tom Nettles

“Manly’s life, like those of every other imminently useful servant of Christ has much to teach Christians today—not only how to follow Christ as he did, but also how to beware of our own tendencies to live in way s that are inconsistent with what we believe.” —Tom Ascol

Our Price: 10.00

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“I am once again indebted to Sam Waldron for his precise exposition of the Scriptures regarding this critical issue facing the church. As always, he stands upon the Word of God an din the very center of the historical Reformed faith. This work not only substantiates the free offer of the gospel to all, but it will inspire the reader to be more diligent in the gospel ministry.” —Paul Washer

“Can a Christian rightly say that God sovereignly determines whom He will save and sincerely offers. Christ to everyone who hears the gospel? Sam Waldron gives us a solid basis to say ‘Yes’! His outline of sophisticated theological arguments makes constant reference to the Holy Scriptures to embolden preachers to preach unconditional election, particular redemption, and the free offer of the gospel.” —Joel Beeke

Our Price: 14.00

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“Haykin, with his impeccable scholarship, has produced a short, readable account that will help many to appreciate these struggles and to grow in their knowledge of God. Buy it, read it, give it to a friend.” –Robert Letham

“In a clear and learned way, Michael Haykin connects the Bible to Athanasius and the Cappadocians and does so in a way that demonstrates the importance of the fourth century credal conclusions to contemporary church life.” –Carl R. Trueman

Our Price: 12.00

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What made Jonathan Edwards’s preaching so powerful? Why is much of today’s preaching so lifeless, even dangerous? Where did things go wrong? How has the church traveled so far away from the doctrinal convictions of Edwards? Church historian and theologian Tom Nettles answers these questions by explaining the historical departure from doctrinal preaching and the various pitfalls that come from leaving sound doctrine behind. If we want to recapture the power of preaching, we must recapture the power of sound doctrine.

“Tom Nettles brings a rare combination to bear on the subject of doctrinal preaching... The insight of such study informs his deep conviction about the power of biblical preaching, and the results have been organized in this book. Tom writes as a practitioner of what he commends. I highly recommend it.” —Tom Ascol

Our Price: 15.00

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"The clarity of positive assertion and exhortation based on confident exegetical brevity will benefit anyone who undertakes to preach this book that gives the tree of life and also takes away the tree of life." Tom J. Nettles

"It takes a special talent to take sound doctrine and interpretation of the Scriptures and make it practical and lively to the layman. This is especially true of the Revelation of John. As I have dipped into Don Johnson's work, however, I have found both sound doctrine and interpretation where one often finds nonsensical exegesis and questionable teaching. I also discovered lively, timely, and practical application of the text. May God give this book a wide readership." —Sam Waldron

Our Price: 22.00

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“Johnson particularly offers useful theological and historical insights into the universal aspect of the work of Christ as per the generally accepted formula “sufficient for all, efficient only for the elect.” Those involved in the debate should read this monograph as they fine tune what they believe to be the true Biblical and Reformed position." —Curt Daniel

"Lack of historical perspective and careful nuance often hamper discussions on the extent of the atonement. That’s why you need to read He Died for Me. Jeffrey Johnson revives the old Lombardian distinction between limited efficacy and universal sufficiency, and he assesses the various ways the Reformed tradition has sought to harmonize the two. Next, Johnson seeks to move the conversation forward by relating the question of the atonement’s extent to the doctrine of union with Christ. In so doing, he makes an excellent case for a Calvinism that lays a solid basis for the free offer of the gospel." —Bob Gonzales

Our Price: 14.00

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Jeffrey Johnson has chosen the word 'absurdity' to characterise these, and he has chosen well. Chapter by chapter he strips unbelief of any vestige of credibility, then shows with crystal clarity why the biblical case for God stands supreme when contrasted with all other philosophical and religious belief systems. I predict that this book will be as great a help to many of its readers as it has been to me, and I commend it warmly." —John Blanchard

"As Christians struggle to hold onto a semblance of sanity in the midst of the collapse of Western morality and thought, a sound foundation upon which to stand in explaining our unwillingness to bow the knee to Caesar is a must. In The Absurdity of Unbelief, Jeffrey Johnson provides a clear and compelling case for the Christian faith, readable and usable for believer and unbeliever alike." —James R. White

Our Price: 16:00

A Modernize Version of The Life of God In the Soul of Man is a Puritan classic made accessible for the rest of us.

"I never knew what true religion was till God sent me this excellent treaties." —George Whitefield

“Few books have been as useful as Scougal’s classic to awaken people from external religion to seek a living, loving, lasting relationship with God through Jesus Christ. By God’s grace, this is a reviving book, and may God use this modernized edition to revive many people in our needy day.” —Joel R. Beeke

Our Price: 8.50

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"Jesus is Lord" is often cited without being fully understood. Ron Crisp and Daniel Chamberlin explain the meaning of this phrase by giving us a Scriptural understanding of the mediatorial reign of Christ. If you want to know more about how a man, from our own ranks, has been given all power in heaven and in earth, then you will want to read this book.

Our Price: 6.00

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Is there a central plot to the Bible? And if so, why is the Bible divided into two different testaments? No doubt, it can be overwhelming to traverse the various covenants of the Bible. The Kingdom of God explains why the maze of the Old and New Testaments cannot be properly navigated or understood without a knowledge of the dual (law and gospel) nature of the Abrahamic Covenant. For the law of the Old Covenant and the grace of the New Covenant flow out of the Abrahamic Covenant and are wonderfully reunited in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"The Kingdom of God is gripping and compelling while it illustrates the doctrinal argument with power. Giving serious attention to Johnson’s tenacious engagement with the biblical theme of The Kingdom of God will expand one’s personal knowledge of Scripture, extend one’s confidence in the wisdom and certainty of divine providence, and exact transparent and pure praise to God for his invincible grace." —Tom Nettles

Our Price: 18.00

FGP is a Reformed Baptist publisher that is firmly committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the biblical truths of His Word (the inspiration of Scripture, the Trinity, the deity of Christ, the doctrines of grace, and the importance of the local church) as expressed by the historical reformed confessions, such as the 1689 London Baptist Confession. To this end, FGP seeks to publish a wide assortment of Christian literature from both historical and contemporary authors, who uphold these core commitments; propagating books and tracts that we believe will be spiritually inspirational, doctrinally educational, and practically helpful for the people of God.